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Signal Mountain Youth Baseball COVID-19 General Rules & Guidelines

* Follow all CDC guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic for your own safety and the safety of others.

* Do NOT attend the event if you have a temperature above 99 degrees Fahrenheit.  Parents are responsible for checking their child’s temperature, as well as, any additional family member’s temperature that will be attending the games at the fields.  You must be fever free without the aid of medicine for 48 hours before being allowed at the facilities.

* If at any point in time a person is at the ballpark and begins to feel sick or ill, whether it be head, stomach, “runny nose,” cough, etc. that person is expected to remove themselves and their family members from the facility and go home.

* Concessions will not be operating as we do not want the exchange of cash or items.  Please plan accordingly with your drinks and snacks.

* Post game snacks are not to be shared.  Please bring your own.

* All teams arrive a maximum of 20 minutes prior to game times to help prevent overcrowding inside the facilities.

* All teams when games are complete need to leave the facility immediately to avoid overcrowding of the area.

* Bleachers will be usable under the following guidelines:
1) Family members will be allowed to sit within 6’ of each other.
2) There must be a 6’ distance between families sitting side by side.
3) There must be a row of bleachers in between families sitting in front/behind each other.
4) There must be no more than 50 people at any given time on each set of bleachers.
5) If you are using the bleachers, you must take your seat and minimize changing locations.  Children will not be allowed to run up and down the bleachers.

* The dugouts will be used as an entry and exit to the field only.  Please bring your own chairs to setup down each foul line against the fences that will be spaced 6’ apart.  The kids will place their gear on that chair and return to that same chair when their team is batting.

* The players will not high five other players.  We will work to ensure that if a high five does occur, those players then clean their hands and will be instructed not to do so again.

* After each game, in lieu of handshakes, each team shall line up on their respective baseline and tip their cap to the opposing team minimizing player contact.

* Parents should supply their players with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for disinfecting shared playing equipment and cleaning hands between innings.

* We have provided four sanitizer stations in the dugouts (1 per dugout on each field).  Coaches and players are encouraged to use these as often as necessary.

* Players may wear any Personal Protection Equipment deemed necessary by their parents as long as such items do not compromise the safety of any and all participants in the game.

* Upon arriving at the side of field the players team is on prior to a game; parents are welcome to wipe down (clean) chairs.

* Teams are required to thoroughly clean their dugout and sidelines of all trash and other items after each game, and wipe down (clean) hard surfaces such as benches, chairs, etc.

* Sunflower seeds and other items that require spitting shall be prohibited.

* Those with a chronic disease or those who are immune compromised, please consider staying home and not attending until the doctors signal all clear.

* Bathrooms will be cleaned with a disinfecting spray every 30 minutes.  Only one person is allowed in the bathroom at any given time, unless it is a child who needs the aid of a parent/guardian.

* In the event that a person who has had access to our facilities (parent, player, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) tests positive for COVID-19 at any given time, that person or person’s family must contact SMYB and disclose the positive test.  Once the positive test is disclosed, the board will discuss and implement a plan of action with CDC recommendations.

* Sharing of community equipment will be minimal.  A and AA will not have catcher’s with gear, but if a coach chooses to put a player at catcher, he/she can stand behind the batter and retrieve the ball after it is pitched.  This activity will always need to be done with a coach near that child.  If no child is at catcher, a coach must fill the position for throwing the ball back to the pitcher.  That coach catcher will not interfere with live ball play.

* A and AA will have a player pitcher that will need to wear a mask.  This mask must be cleaned by a coach/parent before use, in between innings, and after the game has concluded.

* AAA will have a catcher in full gear.  The coach must clean the gear if there is a catching change.  After the game, the coach must clean the gear for the next game or before putting the equipment in the bag/storing for later use.

* For all divisions, except tee ball, scoreboards will be in operation.  The home team will need to supply an operator.  Only one family is allowed in the press box.  After the game has concluded, the scoring box and the bench/scorer’s area will need to be wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

* If a player is deemed to be inappropriately handling the requirements of social distancing, that player will be asked to find their parent/guardian and discuss what specifically needs to be done in order to keep a safe and secure environment for all.  If that player does not adhere to the directions provided, that player and their family will be asked to leave the facility.

* If a family is deemed to be inappropriately handling the requirements of social distancing, that family will be asked to comply.  If that family does not adhere to the directions provided, that family will be asked to leave the facility.

* Please use common sense! Anyone who doesn’t feel safe has the right to stay home.


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